Drama As Nigerians Evacuated From Dubai Protest In Lagos, Say They’re Treated Like Prisoners

According to a report, some Nigerians recently evacuated from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have lamented that they are being treated like “prisoners”.

They protested that the hotel, where they are being quarantined in Lagos, is surrounded by soldiers who do not allow them to even get fresh air or receive some sunlight within the compound.

One of them, who prefers anonymity for fear of being victimised, said, “Sincerely, we have not had it good since we returned from Dubai. We all tested negative for COVID-19 but we are being treated as if we have the disease.

We have been here for three days now but we have not been allowed to even breathe fresh air or even feel sunlight on our skin. It is as if we are in prison. Even the food we are being given is not good at all. We are just managing it.


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