Enough: Start saying ‘no’ to the deadly nonsense protesters push about police

A man walks up to a Los Angeles County squad car sitting at a rail station in Compton about 7 p.m. and shoots both officers inside, out of the blue. Some witnesses celebrate, with one shouting, “No justice, no peace!” as one cop struggles to stand.

As the officers lay fighting for their lives in St. Francis Medical Center, a group of protesters blocks the entrance and exit to the emergency room, some yelling, “We hope they die!”

Will the national “protest” movement wake up after Saturday night’s insanity?

Happily, the two officers — a mother, 31, and a man, 24, both on the job just over a year — are now expected to recover.

But the incident shows that all the protests about police abuse have given license to extremists of many stripes — including those who believe every cop deserves to die.

It follows logically enough from that “ACAB” nonsense. Though, even then, how it excuses endangering other people by blocking the ER entrance . . .

Equally noxious, and idiotic, are the revolutionary scrawlings of Gotham’s own Little Red Rioting Hood, as reported in Saturday’s Post.

Clara Kraebber, whose parents own a $1.8 mill­­ion Upper East Side co-op with river views, planned for the movement to take over other, empty luxury apartments for “wealth re-distribution,” according to notes seized following her arrest for rioting during a Black Lives Matter protest in Manhattan.

The 20-year-old’s “revolutionary strategy,” citing no less than Joseph Stalin (one of history’s worst mass murderers) and Leon Trotsky, involved using “bricks on roofs as weapons” to defend seized property.

“Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” ran the chant at the “demonstration” that brought her arrest and did six figures of damage to shops and other places where normal people work.

She’s out on bail — holed up at her family’s second home, a four-bedroom farmhouse on seven acres in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, less-privileged New Yorkers are suffering a surge in shootings as anti-police bombast — and policing restrictions imposed by politicians eager to appease the mobs — takes its toll.

Yet the extremism doesn’t have to get violent to be outright idiotic. Christopher Moreno, a Westchester County high-school teacher, handed out a cartoon panel on the first day of class meant to bolster the Black Lives Matter movement. It compared today’s cops to slave owners and the Ku Klux Klan.

He’s not alone.

“All cops are bad [the polite translation of ACAB] because they work for a system that thrives off the oppression of marginalized communities. Asking ‘what about the ‘good’ cops?’ is like asking what about the good slave masters,” the Abolition Park website declares. That group co-sponsored the protest where Kraebber and her crew rioted.

As long as our leaders refuse to condemn the hate and violence of this rhetoric, the movement will keep tossing up even more ignorant, lunatic extremism.

New York Post

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