Everything You Need to Know about Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Badge & Practice Tests

Owing to the fact that AWS certificationsare one of the most popular ones, everyone around is looking to obtain the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional credential.

But earning that badge is a tough nut to crack and if you are someone who is not well aware of the exam structure or its domains, it becomes a lot more difficult.Don’t worry, you don’t have to scour the web and understand what the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam coded SAP-C01 is all about. Here, we have listed everything that you must know before starting with your preparation for it using practice tests.


What Is SAP-C01?

Well, SAP-C01 is one exam that validates the skills and expertise of an AWS architect to design and deploy enterprise-grade applications on the cloud. As you already might be aware of, this assessment can achieve you the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification that verifies your expertise and opens doors for promotion.


Who Is This Test for?

The next question that comes up is whether you are eligible to appear for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional examassessment? Well, this Amazon exam was specifically designed for the architect specialists who have industry exposure and wish to showcase their skills and abilities in the AWS domain. So, to be considered for this test:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional AssessmentDetails

SAP-C01test comprises questions that go inthe multiple choice and multiple responseformatsand you will have to solve those questions in 180 minutes. Then, to enroll in this exam, you will need to pay $300. When it comes to the results of test SAP-C01, the good news is that no negative marking is given for the wrong answers. Still, one thing to note here is that there might be questions that do not have any marks allotted. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to answer them.


Thus, the total score for SAP-C01 is scaled between 100-1000 marks and you are expected to earn a minimum of 75% to pass your exam. In case you fail your assessment, you can retake it after 14 days. Also, you can take SAP-C01 as many times as you need but the exam fee has to be paid every time you appear for it. For you not to spend your time and money on continuous retakes, you should take advantage of practice tests that will help you develop the necessary skills for excelling in your AWS accreditation.



Now that you are aware of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional credential and SAP-C01 exam, you can get started with your preparation.


Take help from the resources available over the web and make sure you go through the practice tests to increase your possibility of passing thisassessment. Good luck!

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