Ex-jail union boss Norman Seabrook wants new trial, cites de Blasio donor’s ‘lies’, ‘crimes’

The former head of the city correction officers’ union deserves a new corruption trial because the star witness against him lied on the stand and has been accused of several fraud schemes since then, according to court papers filed Tuesday.

Norman Seabrook also wants a court order forcing federal prosecutors to reveal what the FBI has learned from an ongoing probe of Jona Rechnitz — a former fund-raiser for Mayor Bill de Blasio — or authorizing subpoenas so Seabrook’s lawyer can investigate on his own.

Seabrook’s Manhattan federal court filing cites three lawsuits pending against Rechnitz in Los Angeles that “set forth allegations of stunning breadth, reflecting [his] continuing course of fraudulent conduct, as well as boasts that he was untouchable because the Government was dependent on his continuing assistance.”

The alleged scams involve Rechnitz’ Jadelle Jewelry and Diamond company, which in December was revealed by The Post to have sponsored a showcase event in Los Angeles that was attended by Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner.

Seabrook’s filing notes that one of the suits against Rechnitz alleges that video of the event — which was obtained by The Post — “most likely depicted stolen and fraudulently obtained goods from…various diamond merchants.”

It also says that Rechnitz — described as a “scam artist ne plus ultra” — falsely told jurors that he “had turned over a new leaf and that his honesty was assured by the terms of his cooperation agreement.”

Jona Rechnitz Jona RechnitzWilliam Farrington

Rechnitz — who Manhattan prosecutors have called one of their “most important and prolific white-collar cooperating witnesses” — was sentenced in December to five months in prison and five months of home confinement but hasn’t yet begun serving the time.

Seabrook was found guilty in August 2018 of taking a $60,000 bribe in a Ferragamo bag from Rechnitz to invest nearly $20 million of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association with the since-defunct Platinum Partners hedge fund.

Seabrook was sentenced to 58 months in prison but remains free pending appeal.

A spokesman for Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman declined to comment and Rechnitz’ lawyers didn’t return email messages.


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