FANI-KAYODE TO NIGERIAN GOVT: “Obasanjo brought peace but Buhari brought War to Nigeria”

Chief Femi Fani Kayode, Former minister of aviation has categorized Buhari’s administration as a failure to the nation. He said the present government can not be compared to the era of Former president, Olusogun Obasanjo.

Fani-Kayode revealed this in a recent post on his popular social media platform, Facebook.


“Comparing PMB to OBJ is like comparing Count Dracula to Mother Theresa.

“OBJ united Nigeria, PMB divided her. OBJ brought peace, PMB brought war. OBJ brought prosperity, PMB brought poverty. OBJ brought life, PMB brought death. OBJ brought hope, PMB brought despair.

“OBJ paid off our foreign debt, Buhari indebted us to the tune of $30 billion and turned us into Africa’s biggest debtor and beggar. OBJ solved our problems, PMB created them. OBJ brought restoration, PMB brought degeneration. OBJ brought us pride, Buhari brought us shame.

“OBJ brought us good success, PMB brought us stark failure. OBJ loved all Nigerians and treated them equally, PMB loves only northerners and treats all others like field hands and slaves. OBJ saw Nigeria as a nation, PMB sees her as a conquered territory.

“OBJ led the best, most successful, most intelligent, most enlightened and most productive cabinet and Government in the history of Nigeria whilst PMB leads the worst, most destructive, most savage, most ignorant and most corrupt cabinet and Government in the history of Africa.

“OBJ fought terror and despised terrorists, PMB rewards terror and pampers terrorists. OBJ was a leader, PMB is a ruler. OBJ was a lion, PMB is a mouse. OBJ loves human beings, PMB loves cows.

“Comparing the two is like comparing night and day or chalk and cheese or heaven and hell: it makes absolutely NO sense!”.




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