Father Holds College Graduation Ceremony In His Driveway for His Daughter

A father who line in Memphis Tennesse, Torrence Burson could not stand to see his daughter, Gabrielle Pierce, upset after she could not enjoy her traditional graduation ceremony because of the coronavirus quarantine. .

After spending four years at Xavier University of Louisiana, Burson wanted his daughter’s accomplishments to be acknowledged, so he turned their driveway into a makeshift podium, got an audience all dressed up and got the programme slated. 

To make the “ceremony” feel official, Burson included a procession, national anthem, even the conferring of his daughter’s degree, like a proper graduation ceremony would look like.

Burson even created mock programs which jokingly read that the late Whitney Houston would be singing the national anthem….hahaha!!

Gabrielle collected her Bachelors of Public Health Science with a Minor in Biology, and now plans to join the Armed forces to accomplish her end goal of working for the Centre for Disease Control.


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