Femi Adebayo shares old pictures of him on a wheelchair (PICS)

Femi Adebayo, the son of Veteran Nollywood actor, Adebayo Salami recently shared a throwback photo of himself during his Instagram quizz.

Femi AdebayoFemi Adebayo

The actor shared the photo on his Instagram page with a caption asking his followers to guess the movie from which the picture was taken.

Many answers were submitted in the comment section but only one person was selected by Femi Adebayo as the winner.

Announcing the winner, Femi Adebayo wrote, “Congratulations @sk_olayinka you were the fastest to give the correct answer!”

Answering the question, the quizz winner wrote, “idanwo by femi Adebayo in 2006”

Femi Adebayo also posted more pictures from old movies. Who can guess the movie where these pictures below are taken from. Drop your comment on our facebook page


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