Firm unveils loan package

By Collins Nweze

Rosabon Financial Services is committed to ensuring that businesses remain afloat throughout the Coronavirus period and providing loans, its Managing Director, Chukwuma Ochonogor has said.

Ochonogor, in a statement, said as part of the measures for this period is that eligible business owners and corporate organisations could access loans of up to N200 million using their vehicles as collateral.

This offer, he said, is available to both new and old clients, corporate organisations and business owners. Rosabon’s measures come amid the lockdown announced in Rivers State, which has seen many businesses and corporate organisations struggling to stay afloat and raise enough money to meet their demands.

According to Ochonogor, “As Nigerian businesses battle with the growing health and economic challenges of COVID-19, our priority is to ensure that essential service providers and other corporations have access to funds required to meet their rising business demands.

The lifeline offered by Rosabon is expected to help businesses improve cash flow and increase business efficiency, especially for essential service providers in various sectors.

“With our asset cash loans, corporate entities, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)  can make use of their vehicles as collateral to access loans up to 200 million within 48 hours at an affordable interest rate and a flexible repayment tenor of up to 24 months.

‘’Also, access to top-up is available from as early as the sixth repayment. The goal is to deploy our loan offerings and expertise needed by the business community to help navigate the burdens they are faced with while ensuring essential service providers have the funds they need to meet their rising demands.”

Ochonogor continued: “We have worked hand-in-hand with Entrepreneurs, corporate heads in Rivers State and other states in the federation to support the growth of their businesses for over two decades, recognising that they are essential to the continued success of our economy.

The hope is that our loan facilities will help corporate organisations and businesses free up funds tied down in their assets to support their business needs and provide the much-needed succor to weather this crisis.”


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