Ghana’s Isaac Sesi shares his life story from being a neighborhood kid to a globally recognized engineer

Sometimes your benefactor may just be closer to you than you think, and with a bit of luck, your life could change forever.

It was the American author, Brandon Stanton (@humansofny) who first shared Isaac Sesi’s life story, as part of his QuarantineStories series.

Isaac Sesi is widely known as a Ghanaian entrepreneur, engineer, and the founder of Sesi Technologies, that solves agricultural and food challenges. His work to develop a moisture meter to help sub-Saharan African farmers reduce post-harvest losses made him a household name on the continent, especially in Ghana, but not many knew how he started for him.

Sesi had shared his origin story with Stanton, about how his life got turned around when an Black American family that temporarily lived in his neighbourhood, “embraced him” and guided him into the man he became today.

Read his story:


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