Girls, don’t let your friends massacre your destiny!

By Temilolu Okeowo

Greetings to you an adorable and amiable Evangelist in the Lord’s vineyard. However, I’m overwhelmed by your spirited doggedness towards the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ – by and large chastity and the girl-child. I really commend your efforts on this herculean task. May God continue to uphold and strengthen you in Jesus name!

Adedapo Odutola

Dear ma,

Your message touched me because I’m a victim of premarital sex. At age 19, I’ve had so many boyfriends and had sex countless times with them and can’t even remember how many guys I’ve slept with! I never knew I was destroying myself. Now that God has shed His light on my self-destructive habit, can He forgive me for defiling myself? All the while ma, I thought I was enjoying; I thought as a teenager if I don’t “flex” now and have fun with boys in my teens, I won’t be able to enjoy my youth! That’s what my friends told me and I listened not knowing I was destroying my future. To think I don’t even have examination results to get an admission into the university!  I’m really confused and disappointed; I really feel ashamed of myself and almost hate myself!

Miss A.

My darling Miss A.,

Believe me, I wish I could see you, give you a bear hug and squeeze all your pain and regret out of you! I tell you, since you realised your folly and mistakes, GOD ALREADY FORGAVE YOU! All you need is a major “spiritual overhauling!” This include a lot of deliverance prayers which can rid all forms of ungodly soul ties with your numerous sexual partners and also prayers to arm you from falling back into lust! THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER if you want total freedom! Any carnal person reading this could think I over flogg the consequences of sexual intercourse with multiple sexual partners and outside marriage and say it’s no big deal! Haaa….it’s more than a big deal I tell you! It’s like gambling with one’s precious life and destiny for a few minutes of pleasure when one can actually delay all the fun and have sex every single day with one single person that would make you experience heaven on earth and help you explode into great signs and wonders! May you not invite darkness into your life! May your flesh not quench the light of God in your life in the name of Jesus! The following steps would help you but please relax! God is in control. Thank God you know now at a young age when you still have some fire to fight. Don’t worry all will be well!

  1. Separate yourself from your promiscuous friends!
  2. Be determined for a complete change of life style and the processing of a brand new you!
  3. Look for a bible teaching, Holy Ghost-filled, holiness and narrow-way focused church where you can worship. This is because you’re about to engage in the battle of your life! The stupid, bad devil would never let you off its captivity unless you put up a fight through serious prayers, consecration of your soul and some deliverance sessions to separate you from ungodly soul ties from multiple sexual partners! You certainly can’t do this on your own!
  4. Please Google my articles on “Secondary Virginity.” They would help you a lot because they were inspired by the spirit of God and your aim is to wrestle your soul and body from fleshly lust!
  5. By the time you take the steps above and read those articles on “Secondary Virginity,” your mind would be rejuvenated and you would be more focused to pursue your destiny to a wonderful manifestation and to start with study hard to get an admission into a higher institution!

Please keep in touch! We’ll be praying for you!

Girls…girls…girls…when I say sexual immorality can massacre your destiny, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! How can you keep mingling your spirit with spirits and demons residing in total strangers including the ones your sexual partners have been sleeping with and think all can be well with one’s destiny with an overload of evil baggage? Or you didn’t know a man pours his spirit, energy and practically his whole life inside you? Hmmm….you don’t even want to know what he takes away from you!

  • To be continued

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