Governor Ganduje Should Be Sentenced To Death For Collecting Bribe — Aisha Yesufu Balsts The Governor For Saying He Will Sign Death Warrant

A leader of the Bring Back Our Girls movement,Aisha Yesufu,

has condemned Kano State governor, Abdullahi Ganduje,

for expressing readiness to sign the death warrant

of a musician, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu over alleged blasphemy.

Speaking at a gathering of religious leaders, legal practitioners,

security personnel and government officials on Thursday,

Ganduje had said he won’t waste time in signing the

warrant for the execution of Sharif-Aminu if he does

not appeal the Sharia Court ruling that sentenced

him to death by hanging on August 10.

Yesufu in a tweet on Friday said that the governor

should also be sentenced to death for allegedly collecting bribe.

She said,

“Ganduje was caught on camera

allegedly collecting bribe.

In sharia law, any gift to public

servant belongs to the state talkless

of one caught collecting bribe.

“There is no immunity in sharia law.

Ganduje should be the one sentenced

to death not signing death warrant.”

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