Hack your home workouts with this groundbreaking gadget

Here’s the secret about getting in shape quickly: To see real results, you don’t have to necessarily work harder. The key is to work smarter.

What exactly does that mean? Working smarter translates to investing in products that will help amplify your workouts so that even a quick circuit training session can leave a lasting impact on your well-being. Take, for instance, the Power Plate MOVE, a whole-body vibration trainer that can turn a quick 15-minute workout into a heart-pumping, sweat session.

The plate delivers high-quality vibrations from 30 to 40Hz while users perform their typical workouts on its surface—crunches, pushups, bicep curls and all. These vibrations can activate their muscles quickly and naturally, and, because every targeted muscle in your body is engaged and working harder for the duration of the workout, your results will be magnified.

Many Power Plate users report significant weight loss, the reduction of both body fat and cellulite, as well as toned muscles by using the device. Moreover, the vibrations produced by the Power Plate will help strengthen your core, as well as improve your balance and mobility.

Other notable features of the product include its six different frequency modes which range from a relaxing massage setting to an intense workout one and its lightweight design that allows you to move the Power Plate from room to room in your home with ease. Its customer reviews don’t hurt either, with current customers singing its praises. As one current Power Plate user notes, “I use Power Plate with everyone that comes in the gym. It’s useful as a warm-up or cool-down tool as well as intensifying almost any standard exercise movement.”

If you needed any more incentive to add a Power Plate to your exercise routine, shoppers who use the code POWERPLATE15 at checkout can get an additional 15% (or nearly $450) off their Power Plate purchase, making the final total just $2,545.75.

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