Here are the 3 Things Mercy Aigbe Does Every Night Before Going to Bed (VIDEO)

Popular Nigeria celebrities do a lot to maintain not just their body shape but also their daily routine which is necessary to keep them in the minds of their fans. Remaining popular is a task that they do not joke with since their are other competing celebrities ready to seize the moment. That is why actress Mercy Aigbe shared a video on her Instagram handle to give fans an idea of what she does every evening before going to bed.

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

Thinking that watching a movie before going to bed is what she does just because she is a famous actress is very wrong as the actress seems more concerned with herself that with anything else.

Although Mercy Aigbe did not add posting on Instagram many fans think that doing that is part of her daily routine before going to bed. Below a three things that Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe does every night before going to bed:

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

1 Drinking Her Detox Tea to be in Shape

Mercy Aigbe has expressed her wish to become slim at list more than she is now since she claims to look very slim in her early years.

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

2 Washes her Face Mask

The covid19 pandemic also influenced Mercy Aigbe’s daily ritual which ow includes washing her face mask for the ext day.

Mercy AigbeMercy Aigbe

3 Read a Book

As soon as every other task has bee completed, actress Mercy Aigbe picks a book to read before sleeping for the night.

watch Video below


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