How to build relationships and worthy networks

Let’s talk about How to build relationships and worthy networks today.

Building relationships and networks are very effective tools to being relevant in the course of time.

This is very important.

When I was growing up, I always believed that the easiest way to becoming successful is standing alone.

I always ask myself, what do you need friends for?  As I grew a little older, I discovered that the secret of staying at the top is People then I started living this reality.

Listen, friends are currency…if you want to stay on top, you want value… Network! If in the years past, you were a lone ranger… That could possibly be the reason why your outcome was poor.

You need to invest in Valuable relationships….And that you need to network to relevance doesn’t mean you should build network with everyone. Be deliberate about the person you’re building network with. They w`ill certainly determine your outcome.

The system of men is what births relevance. No body made it without people. Even if it was an act of God’s graciousness, Men must  be involved. When God wants to change an atmosphere, he introduces some certain men. These men navigate pathways enabling some others to have access to their expectations and desires.

When you find these certain people God wants you to network with… Please add value to them. Value gives access. Learn from their experiences, if possible mistakes too. Serve them… You’re contacting a system of honour upon your life.(Heb 7:7).

In this season,there are some certain people even if it will need to lie down to maintain their friendship, please do. This is because they are carrying the seed you need. Honour them by default of doing that…. “The less is blessed of the greater”

See friends, Success is easy if you’re with the right set of people. This season, make more new friends who you know confidently are carrying what you need.  Don’t just criticize them… You may miss out in cycles if you do. Enable connection with them to you receive the value they carry.

Make more friends, collect more new contacts… Add to your contact list, one day…. You will surely need any of these people. 2023 wouldn’t pass you by. You need the ministry of men to staying relevant. Jesus Christ being God couldn’t achieve his mission without some certain people though he be God.

A day will come, you will need some men to stand by you… It is on the strength of your network that will validate this quest.



Add value,

Keep in touch.

That’s the secret of sustaining a long lasting relationship or network.


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