I Killed Him Because He Broke Our Rules – Cultist Confesses to Killing Own Brother

No One Leaves After Joining, My Brother Knows The Rules But He Decided To Prove Stubborn That’s Why I Killed Him –  Confesses.

A 24 year old boy whose name is scorpion revealed during an interview with Dominic Nwodo WinnaijaTV’s reporter he said: I killed My brother because he wants to leave our cult group which he knows fully well that no one leaves no matter what.

That’s the rule of the game it’s not child’s play it’s meant for men i warned my brother earlier but he refused. In this game you have to be dedicated for you to be getting promotions we don’t know our brothers or sisters.

According to him he said he has killed over 20 people since he joined the deadly cult group. He said i pray the spirit of my brother will forgive me it was blood that was controlling me I thought it will be easy he has been tormenting me ever since his death.

Please public advice me on what to do he pleaded.

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  1. This is terrible, u drop ur own brother because of promotion. Why did you allowed ur brother to join this deadly and God forsaken group?

  2. What you better do is to die. You can never escape it. If you do, your seed will never escape it. The other option is to serve God for the rest of your life and every child you give birth to must do the same. And I do not mean you should go to church and come back home… I meant join the active members of the church, know about christ, go on evangelism and you may even be a pastor in the process. You have 2 choice and I tell you, none of them will be easy

  3. Oh my god some people are wicked oo ,how can u killed ur own brother just because of promotion ,u deserved punishment guy .before u repented

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