If you want to be famous in Nigeria, your feet must touch Lagos or Abeokuta – Pastor (Video)

A Nigerian pastor is currently going viral after a video of him preaching that anyone who will make it in the country must set their feet in Lagos and Abeokuta.

In the video, the clergyman can be heard telling his congregation that if they wanted their names to be known or want to make it in Nigeria, they must ensure that their feet touches both Lagos and Abeokuta.’

He said;

if you want to be famous, if God wants to lift you and announce you to the world from Nigeria, your feet must touch Lagos.

There are two cities your feet must touch, Abeokuta and Lagos.

If your feet does not touch prophetically, your voice will not be heard from this nation because there is a convenant.

In the realm of the spirit, Abeokuta gave birth to Lagos.

Watch the video that has sparked several reactions on social media below:

See some reactions below:

Never been to Abeokuta. I’m not famous and I lived all my life in lagos. I can say that I’m managing. Pls what is he talking abt? Is he having a laugh ? – Nneka Peter-Nwaike

Oya! Nigerians we must all be famous. What are you waiting for! I am going to Lagos and my siblings will be in Abeokuta… So we all BLOW simultaneously… – Anemikaye

Why is that one shouting like trailer horn ? – obafemi asterix snow

No wonder Lagos is over populated Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy – KING OF LAGOS(MFR)

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