I’m sorry, Buhari’s broadcast are not live, they are always recorded – Femi Adesina admits

Femi Adesina, a Nigerian Journalist, Special Adviser in Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari during an online video interview program opens up about some facts on the Presidential Speech.

On the live show, questions were posed to the Special Adviser to the President of the Country. The line was opened for people to call in and ask their questions.

It was then that a caller whose name was Samuel asked a question thus: “I want to ask why is it that our president speeches are not always live speech, like the last speech that he gave us. I want to know why. It was leaked, even as he was reading it on the television; I have read it on the television”. Mr. Samuel asked.

That was the short and deep questioning that Femi Adesina was posed. Femi Adesina seems hit by the question but gave a satisfactory respond that goes thus: “What they read on the internet was not the authentic version of the President’s speech, it was an early version that a mystery maker got hold of and release on Social Media” He also affirms that there were so many discrepancies between the early version released on the Social Media and the Original version that the President broadcasted.

Also, the Culprit who leaked the version seems to have been apprehended by the police.

Femi Adesina also address the second question which is “Why is the Presidential Speech not always broadcasted live”

Femi Adesina says “it is not all broadcast that are live especially the presidential broadcasts”He says

Presidential broadcasts are mostly pre-recorded like an hour or two before the broadcast. He claims that most presidential broadcasts are rarely live. So, it is a normal thing for our president to have recorded his speech before it is broadcasted.




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