It is difficult to get my Bra size in the market – Comedienne Ada Ebere says (photos)

Social media comedian cum actress, Ada Ebere, aka Ada la Pinky, who is known for always flaunting her endowments online, has said revealed some of the major disadvantages of having huge upper region.

“I can’t run. I find it difficult to run unless I hold my chest. People actually find it funny. Another challenge is that I can’t sleep on my chest, it has to be either up right or side ways. It was so painful during my growing up days I love to sleep on my chest, but sadly I couldn’t. It is also very hard to get my bra size in the market. Most times, I buy the biggest size and amend it especially the hands. Funnily enough, I hardly wear bras even when going out.  Then they are some roles you can’t take because you have big endowments. Again, most times, I also feel all the guys that are wooing me are after what I have. They don’t care to know the real me, but want to have a feel of my bosom,” she told The Sun.

The busty fast rising Instagram sensation also gave reasons she believes her possessions are her unique selling point.

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She said;

“People see my chest before they see me. Whenever I go out, men and women alike stare at my chest before even looking at my face.. So, I think these lovely oranges are my unique selling point. I didn’t do enlargement, they are all natural. However, I might do some enlargement of my behind to align with my chest because I have always been a fan of big back side. I want a have big and sizeable behind.”

Source: Newzandar News

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