Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Says This ‘Jersey Shore’ Roommate Takes the Longest to Get Ready

The Jersey Shore roommates pride themselves on their ability to look good. Part of that is the GTL routine, which includes going to the gym, tanning, and doing laundry. The other half is getting ready to head out to the club for the night. And that can take hours

According to Jenni “JWoww” Farley, one of the roommates holds the record for taking the most time to get ready. Find out which Jersey Shore star often held the rest of the group up with their primping routine. 

'Jersey Shore' cast routine'Jersey Shore' cast routine
Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ | Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage

Pauly D’s hair takes some time to perfect

Pauly DelVecchio’s signature hairstyle dates back to his Catholic school days when his hair was the only way he could stand out from the crowd. “[I’ve done my hair] since grade school,” he told The Cut. “I went to Catholic school, where we all wore uniforms, so it was the only thing we could do to differentiate ourselves. It’s always been spiked up in some way or form.”

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“The blowout process is kind of wild,” DelVecchio told Vulture in 2018. Applying the right amount of gel is one thing, but perfecting the look is what takes the most time. Achieving DelVecchio’s signature style takes about 25 minutes, but he’s not the roommate that took the longest to get ready.

Limited space played a role in how long it took to get ready

Part of the reason it took the Jersey Shore roommates so long to get ready was the space they had to do so. “We all had to have spray tans, layers of hairspray, [and] thin eyebrows,” Farley explained to Vulture. “[Getting ready took] at least two or three hours because of the rotation of the bathroom. It was insane.”

For Farley’s best friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, getting ready took seconds — once enough bronzer was applied. “The pouf basically took me five seconds,” Polizzi explained. “My hair is so thick that I can literally just clip it, and it’s done.” Neither Farley nor Polizzi is credited as the roommate that took the longest to get ready — that title belongs to Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola.

Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ took the longest to get ready 

Farley claims Giancola took the most extended amount of time to get ready during the early days of Jersey Shore. “Everyone knows Sam used to take the longest to get ready to go out,” Farley explained on her YouTube channel. 

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When Angelina Pivarnick re-joined the cast, Farley says she became the person who would primp for hours on end. “I have no idea why [it took them so long to get ready],” Farley explained, adding: “We all know we’re starving, we know that we have to leave by a certain time, and maybe this is just the mom in me, but get your sh*t together, and f*cking be on time. I’m hungry!” 

Now that they’re all adults, it seems like the cast of Jersey Shore has gotten a better grip on getting ready to go out. Unfortunately for many fans, Farley won’t have to worry about her roommates going out, as she is no longer part of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. 


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