‘Jersey Shore’: Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and DJ Pauly D’s Relationship Timeline

Jersey Shore fans were excited to see Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Pauly DelVecchio’s old flame spark once again during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 3. Here’s a timeline of DelVecchio and Farley’s relationship. 

JWoww Pauly D Relationship Timeline

JWoww Pauly D Relationship Timeline

Pauly D & Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley | Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Jenni arrives at the Jersey Shore in a relationship

When Jersey Shore started filming, Farley was in a relationship with her then-boyfriend, Tom Lippolis. At the time, he was Farley’s manager. Shortly after getting to know her roommates, Farley hooked up with DelVecchio at a Jersey Shore nightclub. “JWoww has a boyfriend, but she’s the type of girl that doesn’t care,” DelVecchio said to cameras. “She wants to have fun and have a boyfriend; I’ll be that guy, I don’t care.” 

The flirting between ‘JWoww’ and Pauly D continues throughout season 1

After a night of drinking and flirting at the club, Farley climbed into bed with DelVecchio. “After the club, I’m going upstairs to lay down, and JWoww comes and lays down with me,” DelVecchio said. “We were kind of flirting all night, so we just continued that at the house.” Then, Farley discovered DelVecchio’s famous piercing. It’s unclear whether Farley and DelVecchio have sex, but she said she “technically cheated on her boyfriend.” 

A few nights later, Farley and DelVecchio hooked up again at the club. Things seemed to be going well until Farley suddenly disappeared. “I left the club because I didn’t want to cheat on my boyfriend,” she says in a confessional. The next day, she calls her Lippolis to admit her mistake. 

‘JWoww’ and Tom break-up, but she and Pauly never date

After Farley admitted to cheating on Lippolis with DelVecchio, their relationship started to fall apart. Farley and Lippolis’ break-up was captured on camera. 

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Lippolis took Farley’s belongings and left her dogs to fend for themselves. “That was something I never expected from him,” Farley told Opie and Anthony. “I did file a police report, and he did return my things to the police station.”

After her breakup with Tom, Farley starts talking to Roger Mathews

From 2009 through 2018, Farley dated and eventually married Roger Mathews. They have two children together, Meilani in 2014 and Greyson in 2016. The two went through a painful divorce, which Mathews documented on social media. 

‘JWoww’ wanted to be with Pauly after her divorce

Farley filed for divorce in Sept. 2018. After doing so, she tried to explore the possibility of being with DelVecchio. “Pauly and I have this weird past,” Farley said on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. “He surprised me for my birthday, and I went back to his hotel room, and it just didn’t work out like that. So I decided to just end it there.”

DelVecchio explained his side of the story, saying: “Obviously I wanted to [hook up with Jenni], but I didn’t know if I was supposed to cross that line or not. And then I slept on it and dude swooped in.”

Zack ’24’ Carpinello steps into the picture 

Ironically, Carpinello was in attendance at Farley’s 2015 wedding to Mathews. According to Us Weekly, he’s a good friend of Farley’s younger brother. In 2019, Farley started dating the much younger Carpinello, who her roommates now refer to as “24.” After dating for a few short months, the infamous episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation aired that showed Carpinello getting handsy with Angelina Pivarnick. 

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Despite the friction that Carpinello’s actions caused, the two reconciled their relationship by the end of 2019. Today, they’re still seemingly happy together. 

Is ‘PWoww’ a possibility?

This season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has hinted heavily at Farley and DelVecchio finally getting together. Regardless of how badly fans want “PWoww” to become a reality, it’s not in the cards right now. She is in a relationship, and DelVecchio has another season of Double Shot at Love airing June 11.


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