Late Ginimbi’s Ferrari Goes ‘Up in Smoke’ On The Way To His Funeral, Watch Video

One of the late Ginimibi’s lavish vehicles, the Ferrari 488 Spider overheated on its way to his memorial service in a video shared by Daddy Freeze on Instagram.

Daddy Freeze had his to say about this car,

“Don’t be a dingbat, this was NOT caused by a ghost or ‘spiritual forces’, rather by abuse and overheating.?

This is a Ferrari 488 Spider.
Points to note.
1: This isn’t smoke from a fire, rather steam from the radiators just in front of the rear wheels.

2: This car has had the best engine in the world for 10 years straight; claiming the title of overall Engine of the Year is the 3.9 litre turbocharged V8 engine found in the Ferrari 488.

These cars are built for performance, not reliability (though modern Ferraris are quite reliable), but when the compromise between reliability and performance has to be made, performance always wins in cars like these.

4: Many rich people don’t understand these cars so they tend to abuse them as they buy them for the simple reason that they can afford them.

So this is not Ferrari’s fault, they built a great car with the best engine in the world. The problem, most of the time is us.”

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