Listen to Episode 30 of ‘Pinstripe Pod’: Do Yankees Want White Sox or Twins? feat. Willie Randolph

Pinstripe Pod Episode 30 Yankees podcast
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The Yankees still are not sure who they will play on Tuesday when the playoffs begin. Will it be the White Sox, Twins or even the Indians? It seems like it will come down to the Twins or White Sox, but the final weekend of the season will determine their opponent and whether it will be in the Bronx or on the road. To dive into everything going on with the team going into the final weekend of the season, we bring you a brand new episode of the “Pinstripe Pod” with Chris Shearn and Jeff Nelson.

We open the show with our “In The Paper” segment where I go through some of the biggest Yankees headlines and get reactions from Shearnie and Nellie. First up, it’s the future of Masahiro Tanaka. Was Wednesday his final regular season start in a Yankees uniform or will they bring him back next season? Second up, would the guys rather the Yankees play the White Sox or the Twins in the best-of-three first-round playoff series? The Yankees have had the Twins’ number in the playoffs, but this is a different season with no fans and a shorter series. Next, should the Yankees be resting guys against the Marlins this weekend or be going all-in to try and win these games? Lastly, should we lock in Gerrit Cole, Tanaka and J.A. Happ as the starters for Games 1, 2 and 3 next week?



Former Yankees infielder, six-time All-Star and six-time World Series champion Willie Randolph then joins the show. Randolph discusses memories coaching Nellie and the late ’90s Yankees, coaching a young Derek Jeter, playing and coaching under George Steinbrenner, Jeter learning from Don Mattingly and growing up in New York and getting to play for the Yankees at just 21 years old. Randolph also talks about Billy Martin as a manager, scuffles in the ’70s and if he should be in the Hall of Fame. He finishes talking about his time managing the Mets, the ugly ending and if he would want to coach in the big leagues again.

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