Lizzy Anjorin jubilates after receiving another unexpected big wedding gift – Watch Video

Controversial actress and new bride, Lizzy Anjorin was seen jubilating and celebrating after she received an unexpected wedding gift from a woman she identified as Madam T of London.

In the video, some set of people were seen battling to offload a big parcel from a car and when they eventually brought it down, Lizzy Anjorin moved closer to take a look as they open the well wrapped parcel.

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

On sighting the gift after it was opened, the business mogul jumped up and down in joy and it was obvious that her happiness knew no bound.

The gift after all was a very big framed picture of herself and her husband on their wedding day. Lizzy wrote “You see as I dance like DAWUD, heaven shall make you dance … I mean ijo ayo..Madam T of London Ese ma olorun abawa dupe lowo yin ma”

Watch Video below

Taking to the photo-sharing app, the newly-married actress uploaded a video in which she expressed her gratitude to her friends.

In the video, two cheque notes could been under bundles of naira notes.

Although, the actress did not display the amount of money written on the notes, she said they each carry the sum of N5 million.

Anjorin also disclosed that she would be going on a four-day honeymoon courtesy of the gift.

The actress captioned the video with the words;

“While some women enjoy pulling down their fellow other women are busy spoil their friends silly…
Something is jumping gragragra in my mind to tag them, Abi mk I tag them ni ???🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Watch the video below:


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