Man found guilty of stabbing his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend 21 times to death

Court has found a man guilty of stabbing his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend 21 times in a jealous rage, killing her and their baby.

In June 2019, the man identified as Aaron McKenzie, 26, of Peckham, South London, broke into his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Kelly-Mary Fauvrelle’s bedroom in the middle of the night and stabbed her 21 times as her family slept upstairs, the Old Bailey heard.

Fauvrelle was rushed to the hospital after the incident, where she reportedly died. Her baby, Riley was delivered by Caesarean section in an attempt to save his life but died in the hospital four days later.

The prosecution alleged McKenzie had killed Miss Fauvrelle, 26, in a “vicious and cowardly” attack after their “toxic” relationship ended and she moved on.

McKenzie denied, he claimed a man named Mike, who his pregnant ex owed money to, was responsible for her death.

On Friday, July 10, a jury found McKenzie guilty of murdering 33 weeks pregnant Miss Fauvrelle, the manslaughter of baby Riley and possession of a knife.

The verdict was delivered in Court One of the Old Bailey after a total of two hours, 46 minutes deliberation by the Jurors to reach their verdicts.

Miss Fauvrelle was carrying McKenzie’s baby.

Source; LuciPost

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