Meet Egoagwuagwu Maduafokwa Who currently has the highest JAMB score of 365 out of 400

Congratulations to Miss Egoagwuagwu Agnes Maduafokwa. She currently has the highest JAMB score of 365 out of 400.

She is the President of the Maths Club, and the 1st Assistant Head Girl of Louisville Girls High School Ijebu-Itele in Ogun State. She wants to study Engineering, where she can apply mathematical concepts in solving societal challenges.

Egoagwuagwu is from Ihiala in Anambra State and she wrote her UTME on March 14th 2022 in St Michael Otedola Education Centre in Epe, Lagos State.

JAMB had published the Top 10 Highest scores with 13 students making the list, they are all eager to study Engineering, 4 out of the 13 students are female.

Egoagwuagwu made the internet sensation as holding the highest JAMB Score with a total of 365 out of 400.

Use of English 72
Mathematics 99
Physics 99
Chemistry 95

I don’t see why this wonderful young lady shouldn’t be celebrated. I don’t see why individuals, Governments and corporate bodies shouldn’t be struggling to be the first to announce scholarship for this wonder student.

If she had featured in BBN and had sex on camera, she would’ve been the talk of the town. And THEY would have started preparing her for advert and modelling contracts.

Lovers of education and all those who still believe that our tomorrow shall be better if we jettison primordial sentiments should join me to celebrate this budding scholar-scientist: Miss AGNES EGO MADUAFOKWA!

Congratilations, Darling Daughter!

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