Meghan Markle blames UK tabloids for destroying relationship with dad

Meghan Markle is putting the blame for her doomed relationship with her dad squarely on the shoulders of the British tabloids.

Lawyers for the formerly royal Duchess of Sussex said she and her dad Thomas Markle “had a very close father/daughter relationship throughout her childhood and remained close until he was targeted three years ago by intrusive UK tabloid media,” according to court documents obtained by The Guardian.

Markle is suing the Mail on Sunday for publishing a handwritten letter she sent to her father.

Markle’s lawyers claim she provided her father with “substantial” financial support between 2014-18 with funds she received from the TV show “Suits,” but stopped after their relationship broke down shortly before her wedding to Prince Harry.

Meghan and Harry were furious when it was revealed that Thomas Markle had secretly collaborated with a British paparazzo to stage lucrative photos of himself preparing for their wedding. Thomas eventually skipped his daughter’s royal wedding, insisting it was because of a “massive heart attack” that doctors warned could kill him if he flew to London —and later  shared a letter she wrote him with the Daily Mail about the pain his no-show caused her. He has since monetized his daughters fame by appearing in a Channel 5 documentary, “Thomas Markle: My Story,” while sharing intimate childhood photos of the Duchess and happily admitting he was getting paid for the interview because Meghan, Harry and the royals “owe” him.

“I’m in my senior years now — it’s time to look after Daddy,” he said in a message to his estranged daughter at the time.

Friends of Markle’s claim the Mail on Sunday is “abusing” the British court system by forcing her to disclose personal information — and then using that information to generate headlines.

“We believe the Mail is no longer using the litigation process for its defense and is fixated on trying to cause more harm through headline generation,” a source told The Guardian. “They are focused on dragging this process out and are abusing the court process to use irrelevant personal details for ‘exclusives’ prior to trial in order to hide their unlawful actions and distract from the matter at the heart of this case.”

The Mail on Sunday’s lawyers recently asked Markle to “provide evidence that she had provided financial support to her father, implying she had not repaid a student loan her father had taken out to support her university education,” according to The Guardian.

Markle’s lawyers claim she had no idea a loan was unpaid and that the financial relationship went both ways, saying: “[Meghan] always maintained full-time jobs while auditioning, both as a professional calligrapher as well as working in a restaurant. [Her] father gave occasional financial support to [her], just as she provided reciprocal financial support to him once she began earning.”

Source: Newzandar News

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