microbe found that completely stops Malaria…but

But to get it to work, more mosquitoes have to be made and infected.

Scientists have discovered a microbe that completely protects mosquitoes from being infected with malaria parasites which they transmit to humans.

The malaria-blocking bug called, Microsporidia MB, was discovered by a team in Kenya and the UK, who say the finding means to protect humans, we have to protect mosquitoes first.

The Microsporidia MB are fungi which could be helping the immune system of mosquitoes so they are able to fight off infections, and it can be passed between adult mosquitoes and is also passed from the female to her offspring.

So, the researchers are saying at the very least, 40% of mosquitoes in a particular region need to be infected with Microsporidia in order to make a significant reduction in malaria parasite.


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