More Ghanaians will die ‘by heart’ from Covid this year ‘if care is not taken’ – Snr KCCR Scientist cautions

A Senior Scientist who is a resident Researcher at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR), Dr Augustina Sylverken has warned the public to expect many more deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking in  an interview reviewed by on 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show, Dr. Sylverken said she is “super scared”.

“I am super scared and if I am saying am super scared then I honestly don’t know what and how the other people in the lab are feeling… it’s scary, it looks quite scary,” she wailed.

She cautioned the public that this is the time to strictly adhere to the protocols because there is likely to be increases deaths in the coming days.

“It’s quite scary and look, chances are that if we don’t take care in the next few days we may see more deaths. Sometimes we have to be blunt as possible, chances are that we see an increase in more positive cases and I think this would be the best of time for every single of us to adhere strictly to all the safety protocols,” she admonished.

Her calls calm in the wake of prominent deaths recorded from Covid-19 in the country. The president has ordered strict enforcement of the protocols by the police.

Source: Zoure/2021

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