Motorcyclist Dies As Yahoo Boy Runs Into Him In Delta


On Tuesday, Joseph, a commercial motorcyclist lost his life after a yahoo boy run into him in Sapele with his Mercedez Benz. However, a female passenger who suffered grievous injury was sent to the hospital.

An eyewitness whose car was crashed during the chase revealed that the yahoo boy was been pursued by some anonymous people from Oleh road to Ogorode road.

The yahoo boy who could sense danger from afar suddenly escaped. The Mercedez Benz was towed to the Police station thereafter.


CP Mohammed Hafiz Inuwa, Delta State Commissioner of Police said,

Yes, I can confirm that a case of fatal accident occurred in which the cyclist died while the woman passenger sustained serious injuries.

The driver of the Mercedes Benz fled, while the vehicle was recovered and towed to the station.

Source: Newzandar


Source: Newzandar News

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