Nigerian Lady narrates how God gave her a second chance after she survived an accident, shares pictures of rods and screws fixed into her leg

TVC host, Morayo Brown took to Instagram to narrate how God gave her a second chance after she survived an accident that made it to the news.

The media personality, while celebrating turning 40, said the accident happened 21 years ago. She was in the US when the car she was in flipped 4 times and ended up on a tree.

They had to deploy a helicopter to cut her loose.

She was in a coma for 4 days and in the hospital for two weeks. She had to undergo speech therapy to learn to talk again, had surgery during which a rod and four long screws were fixed into her leg, she also had to learn to walk again.

She added that she was deformed and defaced and she didn’t think anyone would ever marry her with all her scars. She also didn’t think she could walk again or finish her education.

However, she recovered and the love she got from the Christian community in the US made her mum and dad convert to Christianity.

Sharing photos of the x-ray showing the rod and screws that are still in her leg till date, she wrote:

Twenty-one years ago, I got in a car accident on my way to see my Dad in the US. The car flipped 4 times on route 1 and hung on a tree. They got a chopper to cut me loose and fly me to Rutgers University Teaching Hospital, New Jersey. I was in coma for 4days. My mother, immediately flew in to sit by my hospital bed. I was discharged after 2weeks of recovery in the hospital. Then, therapy started. I lost part of my memory. I had to go through speech therapy to speak again. I lost 6 inches of my right thigh. They had to insert a 12 inch rod (still in my thigh) and four long screws, 2 in my hips and 2 in my knee. My ankle also crushed. I was confined to a wheel chair, later crutches and then booths for 8months before I could finally walk. I was deformed and defaced with scars. I also had a skull fracture that left my head split. Didn’t think I would walk again or finish my education. I didn’t even think anyone would marry me with all these scars. I was a Christian and people started praying for me. Churches came from all over my local county to pray for me because the news made the local papers. My mother couldn’t believe the free love and support from the church during that time. It moved her to become a Christian when she returned to Nigeria. My Dad also converted when he got home. God saved me and gave me another chance of life. Today, I celebrate my scars, as I turn 40yrs. @tybello for insisting I share testimony again. These are my real x-ray photos. The metals are never going to be removed. Please help me to praise Jesus for saving my life.


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