Nigerian Lady Wants To Sell Her Virginity To The Highest Bidder, Starting From $50,000 (See Photos)

Women are making gains by selling their virginity through Cinderella Escort and a Nigerian lady has now joined the bandwagon.

Stacey, a 24-year-old Nigerian lady is selling her virginity, starting from 50,000 Euros, over 22 million in naira. Stacey is a Bachelor’s degree holder and says she’s selling her virginity inorder to further her education.

Explaining her reason for selling her virginity, Stacey said:

Selling my virginity has been something that I have always wanted to do. I want to sell my virginity through Cinderella Escorts because I want to pursue a master’s degree and a PhD.

I already have a B.A. but I want to take my education even further since I believe that being educated will allow me to have my dream career and life.

Interested men are expected to bid on her. Whoever is the highest bidder will meet with Stacey in Germany for legal reasons. The buyer can choose a hotel of his choice, where Stacey will spend one night with him.

In order to make sure that Stacey is a true virgin, the buyer can either bring a doctor to a meeting or visit a doctor in Germany a day beforehand

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