Nigerian man left disappointed after his voluntary effort to provide streetlight for his neighborhood was abused by his neighbors

A Nigerian man was left disappointed after his neighbors abused his offer to help with a street light in their area.

A Twitter user who shared the story said the man bought the streetlight and mounted it.He went out of his way to connect the street light to his generator so as to power it. He was however shocked when he found out his neighbors had been tapping power from the streetlight after his generator crashed.

Read the tweet below

”This man volunteered to buy a street light for the street adjacent his house and use his gen to power it. His gen stopped working tonight and we discovered some people tapped light from the street light to power their house. The disappointment on his face tonight.

We discovered that a compound of 14 rooms were using the light tapped from the street light, some even load it with fridge, electric cooker and all, one of the neighbor confessed. The gen has been fixed but the man has vowed to disconnect the street light.”


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