Nnamdi Kanu Prays For IPOB Volunteer Force Safeguarding The South East

The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has charged the IPOB Volunteers and pray for their total protection from the onslaught of the Fulani bandits.

“I commend you for the good job you are doing protecting our territory against murders and terrorists against our people”,”I Nnamdi Kanu will continue to pray for IPOB Volunteers safety and will support all your efforts.”

You all put your lives on the line for our people, you will be rewarded accordingly by Chukwu Okike Abiama puru Ime Ihenile” He will Safeguard the South East, Please continue the good work, he praised.

He warns every saboteur to be guided because their days are over because IPOB will fish them out where ever they may be.

Below is an extract from the 6th September 2022 Compiled by Mazi IKECHUKWU ONUOHA (J.P)

Nwada Emmanuel Chisom (Ada Biafra)

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