Odell Beckham was in tears over ‘bulls–t’ poop fetish rumor

Odell Beckham Jr. is pooped from all the rumors, but this one left him in tears.

While the Cleveland Browns wide receiver is no stranger to being in the news for non-football reasons, the most recent snafu involving Beckham was a new one. He started trending on Twitter earlier this month after the “Thots Next Door” podcast alleged a bizarre sexual preference of his involving poop.

“Out of every rumor, situation, all the bulls–t I’ve dealt with in my career, this was the funniest s–t,” the 27-year-old Beckham told Maverick Carter in an interview for Uninterrupted.

Beckham said he woke up to a text from a friend who had sent him the video of the allegation.

“It was like seven in the morning when I was going to take my [COVID-19] test and I watched it and I called him back in tears crying,” Beckham said. “I have never, ever, in my life heard this one. I couldn’t even believe it.

Odell Beckham
Odell BeckhamAP

“I was on the field and they were like, ‘Don’t tell me it’s true, man. Don’t tell me you like to get s–tted on.’ I was like,’ Dog, I’ve never heard this in my life.’ Out of all the rumors, I never could have imagined this is even real.”

The former Giant — who consistently is the subject of trade rumors — said over the course of his career he has learned how to deal with rumors or critiques.

“I feel like I was always trying to come to my own defense,” Beckham said. “I just realized it was a lose-lose-lose situation to speak on something… It got to the point where, what am I going to say? It’s not going to matter. If I don’t say something, it probably means it’s true because I didn’t defend myself. If I defend myself, then I’m probably trying to hide the truth.”

Beckham said he’s also feeling more settled in his life, living in Cleveland with girlfriend Lauren Wood.

“It’s been very special,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve ever been with somebody, like, living with somebody and just with somebody, with somebody. I love her to death and it’s just been great.

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