One of Britain’s richest businessmen Simon Dolan, launches legal challenge against UK demanding Coronavirus lockdown ends

Simon Dolan, one of the UK’s richest businessmen, worth a staggering £141million on the Sunday Times Rich List, has launched a legal challenge against the United Kingdom, demanding the government ends it’s Coronavirus lockdown as it is affecting businesses and the economy.

According to Dolan’s lawyers, three major points will be used in challenging the UK Government: the legality of lockdown under UK law, whether it breaches human rights law, and if an exit strategy has been properly considered.


His legal challenge comes after the UK Government this week announced that it will not ease lockdown until it is sure there is a “sustained and consistent” fall in daily deaths, the rate of infection has decreased, the NHS can cope, there is enough PPE and there is no risk of a second wave.

Dolan’s lawyers have formally notified ministers that he will pursue them through the High Court unless they end the “draconian” national quarantine and that if they do not respond by Thursday May 7, Mr Dolan will go to court demanding a judicial review.

Mr Dolan, 50, said to Sun UK: “The lockdown is paralysing the country, wrecking the economy and causing long-term damage.

“Boris Johnson has hinted at an exit strategy but he has offered no timeframe and given himself a get-out with the five tests.

“I want the government to explain and justify its decisions. “I want to be assured that these measures are proportionate and lawful.
“It is vital that the frightening restrictions to our liberties are carefully thought through.”

He added: “Every life lost is a tragedy.

“But we have seen other nations deal with the pandemic effectively without such draconian measures. “We are depriving children of a proper education and instead teaching them to hide away from uncertainty rather than to confront it.”


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