“Only The Igbos Have Showed Us Love As A Family” – Ijaw Activist Tells Edwin Clark

Tari Nemi, an Ijaw Activist and a supporter of Biafra has passed a clear message to elder statesman and former minister of Information, Edwin Clark over the Igbo love towards the Ijaw nation.

This came after the president celebrated the Elder statesman’s birthday at 93.

Buhari had in his statement conveyed by special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina urged Edwin Clark to continue his fight for a better Nigeria and Niger-Delta.

“The grand old man marches on, and we pray to God to continue to strengthen him for the good of the country and to serve as a beacon for all those who admire him,” Buhari added.

In a statement made available to Newzandar News, Tari Nemi said: “During your days as youths, you guys had better days in Nigeria and enjoyed a little but our days are filled with hardship and brutality, yet you would not want us to try. When many of you were in our ages, you were already leaders of industries and governments and till today, most of you still occupy such positions leaving the majority of us to scramble for the crumbs and we are fighting hard to liberate ourselves, yet you would not let us fight our enemies in peace.

“All you preach to us is fear of the Igboman yet in our generation, beyond the ethnic groups in the so-called Niger Delta, only the Igbos have showed us love as a family.

“Our generation will continue to agitate for our freedom through Biafra with an alliance of documented agreement binding us, a feat you could not do with any group you supported with your lives in the past. Isaac Adaka Boro aligned with the Fulanis without any agreement and met his death in the hands of the Yorubas who got an agreement with the Fulanis. This is our lives, so let us do what we know is right.

“We keep talking of how Igbos cannot be trusted, yet we have fought with all our neighbors against injustice including Yoruba in Lagos but we have never fought with the Igbos, why? Is it not because they are peaceful people who would not take what is not theirs? An Igboman will insult you but the Fulani will kill you, yet some of you our elders will tell us that a Fulani man is better than an Igboman not minding that the Fulani will take you to stone age while the Igbo will industrialize your village”.




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