Orgasm boosting diet you must try

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Orgasm boosting diet you must try

Orgasm boosting diet you must try

In spite of all the enlightenment going on about meaningful sex, judging by your text messages, it isn’t enough for some of you readers to achieve the pleasure you crave and sometimes it feels as if you’re destined to go through your whole life without really having orgasms.

Quite a number would want to try some aphrodisiacs, but according to Marrena, a sexologist from Boston, USA, you don’t need them. She believes you can work your way to a climax and has written a book revealing the secrets of orgasm diet.

“I happen to have stumbled on a diet that makes women come alive often giving women the ability to have vaginal orgasms with men even spontaneous ones. The orgasms diet involves taking fish supplements. Cutting down on carbohydrates and eating more protein. One of the recommendations is to consume half an ounce of dark chocolate daily.

She advises that women do pelvic floor exercise, Marrena claimed she discovered the effect of diet on a woman’s sex life by accident, as rarely able to reach orgasm when she had sex with her husband has put a huge strain on their relationship.

“He would roll his frame over,” she said, “and I can’t say I blame him. After I gave birth to our second child, I started doing pelvic floor exercises and using vaginal cones to tighten up my muscles. One night when I was driving home, I decided to practice a few of my exercises. I flexed my pelvic floor muscles and suddenly began to orgasm.

“Over the next few days, I tried to reason out what was behind my newfound ability. When I first became pregnant, I took fish oil as a natural remedy for depression. I noticed that my desire had increased since I had started taking the tablets.

But when I took a break from them I wasn’t able to reach orgasm spontaneously. I also found the more I exercise my vaginal muscles, the better my orgasm, and stepping up the workouts, I was able to repeat the exercise in the car whenever I wanted.”

So can diet really make a difference in better enjoyment of sex? Research suggests that eating good-quality dark chocolate might spice up your sex life because certain chemicals found in chocolate can stimulate the transmission of nerve impulses and increase sensation.

Honey may also help because it’s a rich source of the mineral boron. Studies have shown that this mineral may boost the body’s testosterone levels. And having enough testosterone is one of the factors crucial to female sex functioning.

But fish oil is probably the most important element of Marrena’s orgasm diet. According to nutritionist Patrick Holford, fish oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to balance hormone levels. He claims that a strict no-fat regime can cause hormonal imbalance leading to a drop in libido.


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