Padma Lakshmi chugs tequila to cope with daughter being home till September

While “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi has been teaching fans delicious recipes via social media throughout her time in quarantine, she took to Instagram Friday to craft the perfect margarita, taking a few extra swigs of tequila thanks to news that her daughter Krishna Thea will not be returning to school until the next academic school year.

The culinary enthusiast, 49, posted the 3-minute clip to her account after learning that her 10-year-old — like many kids — will not be returning to school until next fall, with Lakshmi captioning the clip, “Just found out #littlehands won’t be going back to school until September.”

“Now, you don’t want to get too drunk, so drink responsibly,” she warned fans of the strong cocktail before picking up the bottle of Patrón Tequila. “Only the good stuff.”

She then shrugs and tells fans “Actually, f–k it!” before drinking right out of the bottle.

“Please do not try this at home. For entertainment purposes only ☺️,” she added.

Lakshmi recently addressed being called “immoral’ for going braless during a cooking demonstration, telling fans to “not police women’s bodies in 2023.”


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