Plastic Surgeon, Anu Freed After Being Arrested Over Botched Surgery




Dr Anu of Med Contour

Dr Anu of Med Contour

Controversial plastic surgeon, Dr Anu has allegedly been freed after being arrested for a failed cosmetic procedure which resulted in the death of a late beauty queen, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam.

The family of the late beauty queen are currently calling for justice after Dr. Anu of Med Contours was freed.

A friend of the deceased, who has been running campaigns on social media to ensure that justice is served, disclosed that the doctor who has been on the run since her facility in Lekki area of Lagos state was shut down, conducted plastic surgery on the late beauty queen same year she graduated from medical school and started her internship.

@justice_for_queen_nneka slammed the Nigeran Medical Association (NMA) over its notice in which it reportedly warned FCCPC officials against invading the doctor’s property.

The web user also shared a petition against Dr Anu’s botched surgeries which was described as “unethical”.

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It was further alleged that the plastic surgeon, who was freed after being arrested by the family of the deceased, continued taking appointments through social media and performing surgeries.

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