REVEALED: Ken Ofori-Atta using his own money for treatment in the US

A staunch member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Fadi Dabbousi has entreated persons commenting on Ken Ofori-Atta’s trip to the US to seek treatment for COVID-19 complications to be minded that he will most likely foot the bills with his own money and not the money of the state since as Minister for Finance, he used his own money for most expenses related to his work and never used a state vehicle.

Mr Fadi Dabbousi cautioned against persons merely commenting on the issue for the sake of “expending hot air”.

“Those talking about Ken Ofori-Atta’s trip to the USA for treatment should really be fair. Truth is that this man does not even use a state vehicle to work, and most of the expenses related to his job come from his pocket. I am almost sure that the expenses related to his treatment would come from that same pocket, too…

That said, just do not dabble into an issue for the sake of expending hot air,” he wrote in a post sighted by

Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, the immediate past Finance Minister and Minister of Finance-Designate has been flown to the United States of America for treatment for post-COVID-19 complications, a statement from the Ministry of Finance read.

Ghanaians have received the news with mixed feelings. Some Ghanaians have been critical of the decision to send him abroad saying that as Finance Minister, he should have influenced the building of a modern hospital capable of dealing with his conditions. Zoure/2021

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