Richard Carranza is still not figuring out how schools can work in the fall

City Comptroller Scott Stringer last week joined the parade slamming Chancellor Richard Carranza for his failure to plan properly for reopening schools in the fall.

“While I can appreciate the complexities involved in making many of these decisions, there is no good reason why planning and preparation for the fall — as well as communication with parents and staff — is not more advanced,” wrote Stringer.

So far, the Department of Education has bandied about the idea of phased start days and staggered classes to allow for social distancing. Fair enough — but far from concrete. Carranza & Co. have given kids, parents, teachers and even principals no clue how (or if) anything will work.

The DOE also just dashed the hopes of thousands of parents by announcing that it won’t even offer in-school special-ed classes over the summer. Sigh: That could have been an excellent small-scale dry-run for the fall, allowing for school staff to learn valuable lessons.

Carranza, meanwhile used the last day of school to push his same old agenda, with an open letter proclaiming, “We all must double down on our commitment to addressing the systemic inequalities that these crises have further exposed.”

He was awful in normal times; in a crisis, he’s a disaster.

Source: Newzandar News

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