Sad: Moment SHS Students Returning From NSMQ Involved In An Accident

Its that time of the year again and as usual the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ)has been organized again.

Newzandar learnt that four students who were returning from the NSMQ have been involved in a near fatal accident. The student involved in the accident consisted of three males and one female.

They were on board a Nissan Versa with registration number GE6248-19  which was heading to Koforidua.

Sadly, the accident occurred at Osubetor, a community on the Manfe road. The car diverted from the road and crushed into some trees along the street following the driver reportedly sleeping.

Many of the students suffered minor injuries but one male student suffered a deep cut. The exact School hasn’t been identified yet.

The students were said to have been rushed to the hospital by a police car heading to Koforidua.

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