Severe pains inside manhood veins during erecting – Covid survivors share erectile issues

A number of Ghanaians who have recovered from novel coronavirus have given credence to medical research that patients suffer erectile dysfunctioning.

Some persons who prefer to remain anonymous have shared their experience in order for some Ghanaians to take cues and mask up in order not to be infected with the virus.

Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Frank Serebour recently revealed that ““Some studies suggest some men who have fully recovered from the virus infection are not experiencing penis erection for sexual pleasure”. shares the unedited story of a victim.

Post COVID-19 check on erection and ejaculation. After being cleared, I deliberately decided to play with my manhood to ascertain all those stories I heard about erectile dysfunction. I felt some pain in the penis when it got erected. You could feel the raw veins stretching. I went ahead to masturbate, it took unusually a longer time to ejaculate with some pains. After the ejaculation, the pain continued and the first urine after this exercise was accompanied with pains. COVID-19 is real and leaves some marks on us! Pls be careful. 11:2

ClassPee I’m sure you can share that story without my name. I intend to give you update. I still feel some pains and will monitor how long it continues. Dela, it’s painful down there.

I can’t tell of others, but I’m sure after sharing this, there might be some other people out there with similar experience. Zoure/2021

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