Shocking: Father Rejoices As Daughter Is Burnt Alive By Lagos Mob (See Reasons)

Shocking: Father Rejoices As Daughter Is Burnt Alive By Lagos Mob (See Reasons)

Shocking: Father Rejoices As Daughter Is Burnt Alive By Lagos Mob (See Reasons)

A rejoiced while an angry mob decided to kill his 20 year old identified as Joan.

Joan was burnt after she after was found stealing an iPhone 11 from a popular phone store.

When asked the cause of his laughter, the father said she deserved the consequences of her action because Joan had always been a greedy girl and was not contented with the little he provided for her.

Joan who completed high school since 2018 was urged by her father to venture into charcoal business or sales assistant in order to provide for her needs but she refused and opted for stealing.

Her mother died in a Fatal accident since 2009.

From the money gathered, she left home and lived on her own. Her dad begged her to return and paid extra school fees and some driving lessons fee, but Joan chose to be a stray goat.

As she had little money on her, she needed to get an iPhone 11, so she could feel among her peers but she was unlucky as the store owner caught her and burnt her alive while the father laughed.

He was elated on the jungle justice being carried out on his daughter, as he had called the police earlier, but Joan escaped.

He warned those indulging in stealing and other fraudulent activities to stop because their day of reckoning is approaching.

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  1. He is a heartless father,no matter what she still remains her daughter, for those mob that killed her,it shall never be well with them ,politicians steal billions and render our country useless how many have u burnt?I am not supporting stealing but jungle justice is a barbaric act and it must stop

  2. Pls my dear we all keep on saying gov steal money yes, but have we got then stealing the ppls money like the way that girl stole the phone at the shop. Well there own is also stealing through paperwork and others which we may know

  3. Wonderful father
    Wonderful daughter
    Wonderful mob
    Wonderful country
    Wonderful iPhone seller
    Wonderful fuel and fire
    Just wonderful
    Stupid people everywhere…

  4. Stealing is stealing no matter how small so we all should stop it to avoid judgement of God and man but to kill and to take away life of other human is uncalled for by fellow men.God is the owner of life so piloters of jungle judgement has no right to do so except God.there are consequences of sin according to Romans 6:23 but that is God judgement on sin no matter the type.Again Romans 3:23 All have sinned and comes shot of glory of God.God want us to repent by giving us time now that we’re alife when the time of revisiting judgement has not come against all sinners.You father that is laughing are you free from other sin if atall you are free from stealing.Remember what you sow you shall reap as the Bible told should have cry to God for mercy on your doughter than to laugh that your daughter passed on to fire and to hell because of her sin she did not repent is a pity.but remember that all wickedness shall be judged on the last day because PS 9:17 the wicked shall be turned hell and all the country that forget sin is sin wheather stealing or lying, Killing, rejoicing in sin/wickedness,Fonication or adaultry Etc the end result of all of them is death and final destruction in hellfire at all who rejoiced in the death of Joan should repent now in their own sin of killing and wickedness before it is too late for them to meet with Joan on the other side of torment/hell. Hell is real repent and be converted for the remission of your sin Acts 3: 19.don’t laugh ; cry for your own sin and repent.God will have mercy on you or else you will die in your own sin on the day of judgement of God.

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