Sixty Cows, Other Animals Burnt To Ashes in Kwara Fire Outbreak

About sixty domestic animals were burnt to ashes by a midnight fire outbreak that emanated from an abandoned dump very close to Ipata market in Ilorin, Kwara state.

The fire which reportedly started at about 10:30 pm on Thursday, burnt down three shops and a plank shed built for livestock sellers.

According to findings,15 cows,15 sheep, 15 rams and 25 goats were burnt to ashes by the inferno.

The spokesperson for Kwara State Fire Service, Hassan Adekunle, said the fire brigade received a distressed call from an unidentified person who informed then about the outbreak.

He added that firefighters immediately visited the scene of the incident and curbed the fire from spreading to other buildings around the market, Leadership reports.

Adekunle said: “The fire killed 15 cows, 15 sheep, 15 rams and burnt more than 25 goats to ashes.

“The fire brigade received a distress call from a good Samaritan about vicious incident yesterday (Thursday) night, at about 10:31pm. Despite the intensity of the blazing fire, the firefighters were able to eliminate it on time and prevent it from spreading to the surrounding buildings in the market vicinity area.

“More than 470 shops were saved from the ravaging fire by the firemen.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor, Kayode Alabi, who represented the governor of the state, described the fire outbreak as disheartening.

He sympathised with the victims of the incident adding that the welfare of the people is paramount to the government and that government agencies would initiate a relief measure for them.

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