Stallion offers medicare to 20,000 people

Tajudeen Adebanjo

No fewer than 20,000 Nigerians will benefit from the free medical consultation and drugs in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  programme from the Stallion Group.

The free medical exercise, scheduled to begin today, will be coordinated by the Stallion Empowerment Initiative (SEI), a charity arm of Stallion group.

SEI  is partnering with the Morsun Mobile Clinic to offer free medical consultation and drugs to residents in Lagos across 11 clinics.

The joint affiliation will treat over 70 common ailments and will reach over 20,000 people in the city over the course of two months.

Stallion Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Anant Badjatya said the service “aimed at providing some succour to people who can’t access health care.

“There is nothing greater than the safety of the people and it is our responsibility to support the government and the community in this time of need.”

Morsun Mobile clinics, he said, are strategically located for easy access of the beneficiaries.

Badjatya said: “Stallion’s partnering with the Morsun Mobile Clinic has an amazing capability to make an impact on the community and the region. Their sustainability and good success will ensure better access to basic healthcare. This act of kindness will have a far-reaching impact with thousands of patients directly and immediately benefitting from this gesture.

Stallion is working in close coordination with all stakeholders and the government to alleviate the circumstances of COVID patients, frontline workers and lots of daily wage earners who are most impacted by the lockdown. Group’s Charity arm SEI pledged free rice and fish for three months to all hospitals dedicated to COVID–19 care in the country. Eighty-nine hospitals are already registered for the programme.”


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