Suspicious teams may not be thrilled with NFL’s Tom Brady ruling

Tom Brady’s visit to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s house was no big deal, according to the NFL. It’s unclear if the 31 other teams would agree.

After reports surfaced that the new Tampa Bay quarterback was on his way to meet Leftwich when he mistakenly walked into the wrong house, many around the league reportedly voiced their dismay to the league.

But after looking into Brady’s visit, the league determined there was no violation of offseason work rules.

“It was a brief personal visit and Tom picked up the playbook,” a league spokesperson said, per NFL Network.

CBS Sports reported Friday that teams were “anticipating some stern discipline from the NFL office.” Pro Football Talk added on Tuesday: “There’s been a palpable sense in league circles that the Buccaneers are playing fast and loose with the rules when it comes to both the courtship of Tom Brady and the effort to get him up to speed for the 2020 season.”

The NFL offseason is being conducted virtually due to the global coronavirus pandemic, which has prevented teams from coming together and forcing everyone to work from their own home.

Teams also were unable to meet with 2020 NFL Draft prospects or free agents in person, even for physicals.

TMZ Sports reported that a Buccaneers source said Brady’s visit was a quick one to pick up some materials, adding that he practiced social distancing the whole time.


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