Take health guidelines seriously, Daddy Showkey warns Nigerians

Veteran Nigerian singer John Asiemo, known as Daddy Showkey, has warned Nigerians against violating health guidelines to stop the spread of Coronavirus as lockdown order eases in some states.

In his Instagram page @daddyshowkey, he shared a video clip to show his unhappiness with the attitude of some Nigerians to COVID-19 pandemic, reminding them on the danger ahead if they failed to maintain social distancing.

The veteran singer said that those violating the health guidelines would be bearing the brunt of their actions and not the government.

“This is what is going around the world. This is what is going on in Brazil.

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“I pray for you people not to go through this. The only solution is social distancing, since some people don’t believe there is Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Daddy Showkey wondered why it was so hard for some Nigerians to obey “simple rules” such as washing of hands and social distancing.

He also recalled how some Nigerians are helping in giving to the vulnerable to cushion the effect of the pandemic.

The News Agency of Nigeria (Newzandar News) reports that Daddy Showkey had earlier advised Nigerians on the danger of not maintaining social distancing, the statement that attracted negative comments from the public.

(Newzandar News)


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