The Red Sox are exploring ‘changes’ to their uniform

The Red Sox are open to uniform “changes” in addition to the coming Nike swoosh on the front of the jersey.

Team president Sam Kennedy told The Athletic that the club will be talking with MLB’s new uniform provider, Nike, about ways to improve the performance of their classic uniforms. A full overhaul, much like the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams underwent recently, doesn’t seem likely.

“We are looking at changes as we go forward,” Kennedy said. “[The changes will be] likely geared to get us to a uniform that is geared towards high performance. We will always be respectful of our incredible traditional look and feel, but we are always open to new and different concepts as time goes by.”

The Red Sox had a similar conversation with Under Armour, which was set to take over MLB’s apparel from Majestic until the deal fell through. Nike, who will have their signature swoosh on the front of every MLB jersey, was able to get the rights instead.

Sportswear continues to evolve, becoming more breathable, fitting, and lightweight and it appears Boston wants to get the very best for its players.

“I think our folks on the ownership side are really more focused on fit,” executive vice president of partnerships Troup Parkinson said. “They think that, for example, Nike can bring tons of technology to the fit and hopefully help the performance of the athlete, which has happened in basketball and in football, but, amazingly, in baseball it hasn’t. The [players], if you talk to them, they will say the uniform doesn’t fit.”


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