“This Is Wrong”-Reactions As Lalude And Iya Gbonkan Acts Pastor And Prophetess In A Movie (VIDEO)

Lalude’s real name is Fatai Adekunle Adetayo.He is famous for his fearful roles he always play in a movie,he is famous to the extent that anytime he appears in a film,Nigerians would be quick to decide that he is there to wreck havoc on someone in the movie.

He started acting as far back as 1970 when he was in Primary 2,that’s why he always flow with any role he is given.Adekunle Got his nickname “Lalude” when he acted in “Ogbori Elemosho” where he played the role years back.

But Nigerians have been surprised for a while now after he was sighted in a movie where he acted the role of a pastor. Check out the post

Ayodele posted the picture of the scene he saw him in with Bible and said “This is wrong on so many levels”

Ayodele felt that a man who is known for his fearful roles in movies shouldn’t be acting as a pastor since he isn’t a gentle time

It didn’t stop there, Nigerians also replied his post with the photo of Margret Dele Olayinka popularly called IYA GBONKAN acting a role as a Prophetess.


She is known for her fearful roles in Yoruba movies

Check out the post below

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